The last night at the Boogie Shack with 8 Ball Aitken

Saturday night 8 Ball Aitken rocked the Boogie Shack in Toowoomba. Sad night because this was the last ever gig at the Boogie Shack. There’s a big sale of all the memorabillia at the Boogie Shack next weekend. I photographed the night and made a slide show with 8 Ball’s goodtime music from his new album Tamworth Tapes.

1 thought on “The last night at the Boogie Shack with 8 Ball Aitken”

  1. Hey John great photo montage of the evenings festivities. Please do not take this as a nasty comment, or meant in that way. As myself and Mal Nebe were booked as a support act for this event and I am a personal friend of Lynette, it would have been good to see at least one pic of ourselves included in the video.
    Good to see you there. Cheers from Ruffcut 🙂

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