Tamworth Festival real and raw must see acts

Ed Matzenik photo
Ed Matzenik

I called an old mate of mine–bass player, survivor and quirky video maker Ed Matzenik. I embarrassed Ed when I told him I wanted to list some of his bands in my Tamworth Festival must see acts list.

“We would have a hide calling our selves a “must see” act”, he said.

Ed is the bass player in the legendary Johnny Green’s Blues Cowboys. Now this band sure ain’t pretty but if you like your music real and raw you will love these guys. Guaranteed to scare the hell out of you on first hearing but their authentic country blues will soon win you over.

Catch Johnny Green’s Blues Cowboys at these Tamworth gigs at the Albert Hotel – Fri 14 9pm – Sat 15 2pm – Sun 16 7.30pm – Mon 17 10.30pm – Weds 19 10.30pm – Fri 21 11pm – Sat 22 9pm – Sun 23 7pm.

Ed’s other band may not be a must see but they are new – Flash Sheedy & the Instro-matics . They play all the old instrumental hits and a few vocals. Not sure if it’s country, but with titles like Apache and Ghost Riders it can’t be that far off. Catch this surf country combo at the Albert Hotel – Fri 14 3.30pm – Sat 15 11pm  – Tue 18  3.30pm – Thur 20 11pm – Sat 22 3.30pm.

This is Ed’s thirty-second Tamworth and he always plays dozens of gigs and is still going like a train so I was interested in his festival survival tips. “Don’t go out in the sun any more than you have to, eat well and pace yourself – be aware how many days you’ve still got to go.”

Matzenik Health Plan

  1. Never accept advice from anyone unless they are older and healthier than you.
  2. Never eat anything unless it’s the best you’re gunna get at the time.
  3. If you’re in the jungle – or anywhere else – never eat anything that could eat you. I reckon mice didn’t evolve on a diet of cat and man wouldn’t have evolved on a diet of crocodile.

Matzenik video treats…



ED MATZENIK’S – Subterranean Homesick Blues

I’m writing a new blog post on the January 2011 Tamworth Country Music Festival each day between now and kick off. Come back to www.elliottcountry.com again tomorrow for more.

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  1. Bombora is a surf rock classic. The Dylan cover is tidy too – great guitar tone. When a guitar still sounds that good in a Youtube vid being played on laptop speakers, you know it must be good.

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