Rains didn’t dampen the Spirit of the Country Concert, Toowoomba

The Spirit of the Country concert in Toowoomba attracted 20,000 people.

Sporadic rains throughout the day didn’t keep people away. The show went on as a stellar list of country artists soldiered on to a packed audience.

Troy, Gina and KaseyThe concert was hosted by radio and television personality RAY HADLEY and featured JOHN WILLIAMSON, KASEY CHAMBERS, LEE KERNAGHAN, TROY CASSAR-DALEY, GRAEME CONNORS, JAMES BLUNDELL, BECCY COLE, ADAM HARVEY, GINA JEFFREYS, SHANE NICHOLSON, BILL CHAMBERS, BRENDON WALMSLEY, McALISTER KEMP and CATHERINE BRITT. The final delivery was a spectacular fireworks display to signify the conclusion of the event.

PRINCE WILLIAM called into the concert and gave the royal wave from a balcony after meeting with heavily impacted victims and SES workers spending time to personally chat with them. TROY CASSAR-DALEY presented the Prince with an Akubra Hat.

Troy Cassar-Daley

“The one off event that was free to attend was made possible through the support of major organisations, companies, local business houses, artists and individuals who donated generously to ensure the uplifting concert could be staged.”

One of the organisers was country music artist GINA JEFFRYS. “This is about raising spirits, not raising money. This is about giving something back to so many people who have suffered so much and lost so much during the floods, watching a life time of memories and possessions swept away. We’re not builders or plumbers or carpenters… we’re entertainers and we’ll use the tools we have to help bring a little happiness into their lives”.

Last week, GINA JEFFREYS headed north to the areas of Toowoomba and The Lockyer Valley to create the video and song contained in the below link. Gina’s inspirational trip saw her deliver performance workshops with the school children and let them share their inspirational stories.


Spirit of the Country

Spirit of the Country

Spirit of the Country

Spirit of the Country

Spirit of the Country

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