The 1986 Tamworth Festival was so fun, Kelly Anne Crosby decided to stay

Kelly Anne Crosby
Kelly Anne Crosby

Kelly Anne Crosby, one half of the Crosby Sisters (with her sister Jody) and renowned party animal’s first Tamworth was 1978, so I thought Kelly might have some insights into the festival to share with us.

“We camped by the river and the bikies came down at about 4am and frightened the hell out of us!!!” She said.

“They were cool, just camping like us. We shifted to Tamworth and my first festival as a local was 1986 and I’ve been a part of every festival since then.” Continue reading “The 1986 Tamworth Festival was so fun, Kelly Anne Crosby decided to stay”

Tamworth Festival real and raw must see acts

Ed Matzenik photo
Ed Matzenik

I called an old mate of mine–bass player, survivor and quirky video maker Ed Matzenik. I embarrassed Ed when I told him I wanted to list some of his bands in my Tamworth Festival must see acts list.

“We would have a hide calling our selves a “must see” act”, he said.

Ed is the bass player in the legendary Johnny Green’s Blues Cowboys. Now this band sure ain’t pretty but if you like your music real and raw you will love these guys. Guaranteed to scare the hell out of you on first hearing but their authentic country blues will soon win you over. Continue reading “Tamworth Festival real and raw must see acts”

Greg Champion’s musical and culinary hints for Tamworth

Greg Champion photo
Greg Champion

Welcome to my first Tamworth blog – I’ll do one each day leading up to that important Australian cultural pilgrimage – the annual road trip to the Tamworth Festival.

One of my good mates – country legend, funny man and Couldabeen Greg Champion shares his hints on surviving in Tamworth. Continue reading “Greg Champion’s musical and culinary hints for Tamworth”

Photography Workshop at the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2011

Learn how to photograph country singers from acclaimed portrait photographer JOHN ELLIOTT

Keen photographers going to this year’s Tamworth Country Music Festival must not miss my photography workshop.

The four-hour daytime workshops will be fun, informative and hands on.

The workshop will involve practical information and tips for photographers of all skill levels, followed by the chance for participants to use what they have learned and take their own photographs. Participants get to photograph a real country star!

Attendees will learn photography techniques that they can put to use photographing concerts they attend in Tamworth and family and friends.

All you need to bring is your camera and a willingness to learn and have fun. Light refreshments will be provided.

I will share my knowledge and experience gained over a lifetime of working as a freelance photographer in the music industry. I’ve shot 20 Slim Dusty album covers and written definitive books on Australian country music.

The workshop is limited to 15 participants so register today to reserve your place. Pay securely and with confidence using Visa, Mastercard or Paypal.

The workshop is being held on Saturday 22 January (please note this new time – the workshop was originally advertised for the previous weekend, but will now be held on Saturday 22 January).

Register online today


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