The 1986 Tamworth Festival was so fun, Kelly Anne Crosby decided to stay

Kelly Anne Crosby
Kelly Anne Crosby

Kelly Anne Crosby, one half of the Crosby Sisters (with her sister Jody) and renowned party animal’s first Tamworth was 1978, so I thought Kelly might have some insights into the festival to share with us.

“We camped by the river and the bikies came down at about 4am and frightened the hell out of us!!!” She said.

“They were cool, just camping like us. We shifted to Tamworth and my first festival as a local was 1986 and I’ve been a part of every festival since then.”

Kelly’s festival survival tips

1. Packet of Panadol

2. Packet of No-Doz and a bottle of Eye Drops

3. SUNSCREEN – don’t forget the SUNSCREEN

Kelly’s memorable Tamworth gigs

Crosby Sisters
Crosby Sisters

“We played at The Shearer Arcade In Peel Street from 1988 to 1992,every day, three shows a day. Also The Workies Club, usually about 12 shows there each year. We played at South Tamworth Bowling Club, for years and years – shows every day. The Buttercup Shows and The Last Roundup – we were always on a float for The Cavalcade and played on the Awards Concert in 2002, that was so cool. The Writers In The Round concerts at The Services Club at 8am every day was a favorite. Did those for a few years, We were so lucky to have been a part of them but the best days were definitely The Shearer Arcade days. We met so many wonderful people and we still see them at Tamworth these days, and our friends Mark and Maree used to do Texas Line Dancing for the crowds before it was poxy and the people loved them. Mort Fisk used to be there every day to take a pic and write stuff about us in The Leader.”

“Mort used to keep us all informed on what not to miss. God Bless his soul I miss him.”

“Anna Rose does a page each day of the festival in the Northern Daily Leader these days.  We usually find out who’s worth seeing when all the musos and fans arrive in town. Doing a venue crawl helps too.

You can see the Crosby Sisters perform at The AUSTRALIAN COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME CONCERT at the Town Hall on Saturday 15th January at 2pm.

Train Of Desperation – The Crosby Sisters

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