Keith Urban like you’ve never seen him before

I took this portrait of a very young Keith Urban when he was getting ready to take on the world. Keith won Starmaker in 1990. He was a superstar even in those early days. Keith’s hair may have changed since he started out but he’s always been a great talent.

Vintage Keith Urban haircut

Keith Urban no shirt
Keith Urban no shirt

Keith Urban and car

Keith Urban portrait

You can see my photos of Keith Urban and many other Australian singers and songwriters at my new exhibition, Gifted Country. Visit my Facebook Page to find out more.

Here’s Keith’s video for his song Long Hot Summer from his official youtube channel.

3 thoughts on “Keith Urban like you’ve never seen him before”

  1. love Keith…love the beach….my daughter came from Chicago to SanDiego and I came from Las Vegas to SanDiego to go to Keiths’ concert in Chula Vista…we had so much fun and loved the show!!!!! I don’t care if Keiths’ head is bald…what an amazing talent…… the song says…don’t stop!!!!

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