Katrina Burgoyne launches debut album

Katrina Burgoyne is another one of those young artists who seems to have been around forever. She’s made a great album and is everywhere at the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2011.

Katrina is another one of those young artists who seems to have been around forever. She’s made a great album and is everywhere at the festival.

Katrina & Michael
Katrina & Michael

Katrina’s first visit  to Tamworth

“I was about 14 years old and had the opportunity of performing with a local band at the old RSL. That night Kasey Chambers and Troy Cesar Daley were playing in the park for free but being committed to taking every opportunity to sing I missed out on their show.”

“I sat in the dressing room for what felt like hours till it was my turn to get up and perform. The band introduced me “Here is 14 year old Katrina Burgoyne”. I was tuned up, pumped up and ready to go out on stage but then the security came running over and said, “she can’t play here she’s underage”.   

“Disappointed I packed up my guitar and felt glad that at least I hadn’t missed out on the KC & TCD concert. I stepped out onto the sidewalk to hear Kasey strum her last chord and a sea of people leaving the concert.”  

Katrina Burgoyne - debut album
Katrina Burgoyne - debut album

Katrina’s Tamworth 2011  

“This is my 10h year attending Tamworth as a performer. It’s really cool that on this exact anniversary my debut album “White Flag” will be available for pre-order.”

“I’ve got some groovy shows this year that I’m really looking forward too. I’m joining up with Kirsty Lee Akers and Reckless for a show at the Capitol theatre, supporting Harmony James at Diggers and my favorite a WJO’s On The Couch “The songwriters” show where I will be performing all the songs off my album plus more.”

“My brand new fiancée (Michael Muchow) and I celebrate five years so we will have to squish in a nice dinner somewhere, any suggestions?”  

Katrina’s Must See Gigs  

“I’m looking forward to watching Kasey Chambers this year. My partner has been away touring with Kasey and I have missed every local show so that will be great to see.”  

“I am heading out to support some of my friends and local musicians; Aleyce Simmonds will launch her album on the 21st at Wests, Amber Lawrence has a cool show on at the Capitol on the 22nd (I think). “I am looking forward to the Country Update Concert at The Pub. I’m stoked to be on a show with Kim Cheshire, Kevin Bennett, Bill Chambers, Luke O’Shea I really love their music.”

Katrina’s tips for Golden Guitar Winners

“I’m tipping Kasey to win Album of The Year, Lee to win Male Vocalist and Kasey to win Female Vocalist.”   

Katrina’s Survival Tips 

Water, comfy shoes and your country music listening ears… oh and tickets to one of my shows, cya there.” 

Debut album

“White Flag” available for pre-order January 14th. www.katrinaburgoyne.com 

Katrina’s GHOST video


Katrina Burgoyne gigs

  • January 15th TRECC Forecourt FREE 2pm 
  • January 16th Festival HQ Stage in Peel Street FREE 7:30pm 
  • January 19th LIVE ON THE COUCH; THE PUB, “The Songwriters” Featuring Katrina Burgoyne, Bec Lavelle, Johanna Hemara, Luke Austen & Rachel Richards 
  • January 19 The Pub “Country Update Concert” 8pm Katrina Burgoyne, Kim Cheshire, Kevin Bennett, Bill Chambers, Luke O’Shea 
  • January 20th Songwriters Services Club FREE 9am 
  • January 21st West Diggers Showroom  Harmony James with special guest Katrina Burgoyne 
  • January 21st Capitol Theatre Kirsty Lee Akers with Katrina Burgoyne, Reckless & Special Guest  2pm

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