Keith Urban like you’ve never seen him before

I took this portrait of a very young Keith Urban when he was getting ready to take on the world. Keith won Starmaker in 1990. He was a superstar even in those early days. Keith’s hair may have changed since he started out but he’s always been a great talent.

Vintage Keith Urban haircut

Keith Urban no shirt
Keith Urban no shirt

Keith Urban and car

Keith Urban portrait

You can see my photos of Keith Urban and many other Australian singers and songwriters at my new exhibition, Gifted Country. Visit my Facebook Page to find out more.

Here’s Keith’s video for his song Long Hot Summer from his official youtube channel.

Tamworth Festival 2012 news

Tamworth Festival 2012 news from John Elliott’s

I arrived in Tamworth a couple of days ago morning – apparently the weather had been surprisingly mild but right on cue it’s heated up. I drove past the Town Hall and it was looking pretty as a picture. This is where the very first Golden Guitars were presented 40 years ago.


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Old time country dance band reunites to record album in western Queensland

Just Us is an old time dance band from Alpha in western Queensland. They are recently got back together to record an album at the Alpha town hall. The recording was produced and engineered by Phil Punch and Peter Tilse. The project was co-ordinated by Robyn Adams and I.

Australian Institute of Country Music

The Australian Institute of Country Music (AICM) is a not-for-profit incorporated association comprising of representatives of the Gympie business, education and general community. It was formed in 2001 and grew from an interest by local community members in value adding to the economic benefits brought to the region by the National Country Music Muster. One of the key aims of the AICM is to extend the duration and scope of country music events and activities and assist in building a stronger country music industry in Australia. The corner stone of the AICM’s aim is the creation of an integrated campus for the study, performance, manufacturing and commercialisation of Australian Country Music.

The new campus for AICM opens at the court house in Gympie on Friday night. I am pleased to exhibit a collection of country music legends at the AICM. My statement in support of the exhibition:

Country music and photography are two passions that drive my life. Photographing country artists is my way of saying ‘thank you’ to the singers for the music that sustains me.

All great country music has a respect for the past and I hope my photographs help young artists connect with what came before.

Lauire Cokell, Juliet Wookey and John Elliott at AICM